DAUGAARD: Drought to test South Dakota again

DAUGAARD: Drought to test South Dakota again.
Things are worst in the northcentral part of the state, particularly in Corson, Dewey, Campbell, Walworth, McPherson, Edmunds and Potter counties.
Right in the center of this seven-county area the drought monitor now indicates extreme drought conditions.
Looking at the U.S. map, Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota are the only states currently experiencing severe drought.
Drought is not unusual here.
In the first few years of statehood, South Dakota experienced a prolonged drought that lasted from 1887 until the mid-1890s.
More than anyone, our farmers and ranchers feel the impact.
In response to the increasingly dry conditions, I have declared a statewide emergency to provide producers some relief.
Under the emergency declaration, farmers and ranchers may cut and bale state highway ditches adjacent to their property.
The emergency declaration, drought task force and the potential availability of CRP acres will provide some relief to those who are suffering from the drought, but government help is limited.

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