Daviess County boil advisory causes frantic search for bottled water

The water main leak in Daviess County is causing bottled water to fly off shelves like milk and bread during a snowstorm.
“We went to Kroger, we went to Walgreens and IGA, they’re all out,” said Owensboro resident Jameka Calhoun.
But around dinner time, Even Steven on Old Hartford Road was busy selling case after case of water “We have five, well a total of seven palettes, we’re down to one and a half palettes,” said manager Keisha Shadwick.
“You’ve got to worry about what to drink and how to feed the kids now, especially babies.
Even Steven’s water is going for $6.99 a case, but Shadwick says she’s heard some places are selling them for over $15.
“A lot have called in and asked to hold back water for them so we are doing that especially for people that have to have the water,” said Shadwick.
Calhoun works the night shift, “We woke up and all the waters gone so we’re here.
She says she needs the water for her niece and nephews, and hopes two cases is enough to last through tomorrow, “We need the water to brush our teeth, get baths, things like that.” Even Steven says when they run out, they’ll keep searching for more until the advisory is lifted.
(This article was originally published November 30, 2017)

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