Decay In Infrastructure Affects Baha Mar And All Our Islands

Decay In Infrastructure Affects Baha Mar And All Our Islands.
EDITOR, The Tribune.
My ongoing experiences with inadequate drinking water here on Eleuthera dovetails with new criticisms about the air conditioning at Baha Mar, and the potential effects of smoke from the nearby smouldering New Providence landfill on tourists.
Tourists who enjoy their first visits to our islands, and tourists who will return, year after year.
But as too many are just learning, repairs and upgrades must be planned and executed on a carefully laid out 5, 10, 20, and 40 year plan.
My experience with inadequate water supply on Eleuthera can be used as an analog for all the Family islands, and New Providence itself.
I found the roughly 36 mile-long water pipe supplying middle Eleuthera was built years, decades ago.
One week a break here, a week later another break there.
(With each breech comes contaminated water causing serious diarrhea, and possibly worse).
Finally the leaking becomes so serious all the Corporation’s capital is used fighting old problems, and they simply cannot supply 40psi, the pressure target for all developed municipalities.

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