Decreased rainfall cause of ‘drought disaster’ declaration for Flathead Reservation

According to the United States Drought Monitor, “below average” rates of rainfall created the drought.
He said homeowners in some areas have pooled together to pay for fifty percent of the cost of the process of chip sealing, which is added to their taxes.
“Last year we had rain in the middle of the year, but we are at the end of the season, so we will see what happens.” Barron said the county isn’t expected to get any funding for disaster relief as of Monday, although the summer isn’t over.
He said something unforeseen could be impacted by the drought, causing the county to apply for funding.
Lake County Extension Officer Jack Stivers said the drought affects everyone in some way, but dry land farmers are really affected.
Dry land farmers are seeing an impact to crops like wheat, barley, and hay forage.
These are crops that depend on the rain and not irrigation.
The spring wheat crop didn’t do so well.
His spring wheat plants produced four heads this year instead of ten.
“With fewer bushels (around the country), the price for spring wheat is up, so it balances out” he said.

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