Despite Heavy Rain Totals, Some Areas Of KELOLAND Still In Drought

It’s safe to say summer in KELOLAND is in full swing with the forecast calling for 90s.
We’ve already seen a few days in the 90s this summer.
Another sign of summer is a drought somewhere in the Midwest.
Last year at this time, we had widespread severe drought in north-central and northwest South Dakota with spotty extreme drought conditions in the north-central part of the state.
This year, the drought monitor isn’t as bad, but we still have a severe drought centered over Brown, Spink, Faulk, and Edmunds counties.
It goes without saying but droughts are just not good.
One aspect that makes them bad is they feed themselves.
A little drought starts, which makes it hotter.
That extra heat makes it harder for it to rain, which makes it drier.
Which makes it hotter, which makes it harder to rain and that cycle goes round and round until a change in the season.

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