Despite Improvements, Mass. Task Force Watching Drought Conditions Closely

Task Force Watching Drought Conditions Closely.
The maps at Tuesday’s Drought Management Task Force meeting now show a less threatening beige or yellow.
"Conditions have improved, but not to the point that we would sit back and relax," Vandana Rao said at Tuesday’s meeting.
The first half of February was fairly good to us.
The last half of February, the first week of March, not so much," said National Weather Service meteorologist Alan Dunham, who also sits on the Drought Management Task Force.
Dunham says the above-normal temperatures experienced during the month of February did not help recovery from the drought.
That’s a phenomenal snow loss.
And I just have a hard time figuring that that much snow loss went into the ground," Dunham said.
The task force agreed to keep the drought index at the advisory level in northeastern Massachusetts as well as for Cape Cod and the Islands — one level away from "normal."
It’s due to meet again in the second week of April.

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