Despite rain, parts of York County still in drought

Despite rain, parts of York County still in drought.
(WGME) WELLS (WGME) — Despite the snow, and rain, parts of York County are still in a drought, and they have been for months.
For farmer Abe Zacharias, this rain is a welcome sight, especially after the severe drought he and other farmers went through last summer in southern York County.
"It was the worst drought that I’ve seen farming, Zacharias said.
Zacharias says his irrigation system and retention ponds saved his crops last year.
"Last year if I didn’t have water, it would have been a really, really bad year," Zacharias said.
Planting season is here, and even though his farm is still in a drought, his ponds are full right now and ready should he need the water.
The ponds are full.
West of York, in the town of Berwick, some people still won’t drink the water after it turned black last summer.
The town manager says the manganese is now under control and the water is safe to drink, but Ricker and other customers say they still won’t drink it.

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