Dhaka Water Summit begins tomorrow

A two-day Dhaka Water Summit 2017 will begin tomorrow (Saturday) in the capital to discuss ways and means for attaining the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG)-6.
The theme of the summit is ‘Water Sustains Development’ where water experts and scientists will exchange knowledge and share their experiences to deal with water-related problems in South Asia, South East Asia and Delta Coalition region.
Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the summit at Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel.
There will be four technical sessions during the summit.
The sessions will focus integrated water resources management, protection and restoration of water-related ecosystem, universal and equitable access to drinking water for all, valuing water, adequate and equitable sanitation for all, promoting hygienic practices, improvement of water quality by pollution prevention and combatting water scarcity by improved water efficiency.
The experts in the summit will put forward their recommendations on eight specific subjects.
They will also identify problems related to water supply, sanitation and water management.
At the end of the summit, there will be ‘Dhaka Water Declaration’.
"It is not possible to attain SDG-6 alone.
We hope the Dhaka Water Summit 2017 will help attain targets of water-related issues which are mentioned in SDG-6," the minister said.Regarding waterlogging in the capital on Wednesday, the minister said, "We were not prepared to deal with such abnormal rainfalls on that day."

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