Ditch plastic bottles with this smartphone-activated water fountain

Ditch plastic bottles with this smartphone-activated water fountain.
The New York City-based technology startup is taking advantage of your smartphone to help you save the planet with a system of phone-activated water refill stations.
So as long as you have a reusable water bottle with you, you’ll be able to access unlimited cold, filtered tap water just about anywhere.
But a new Indiegogo campaign hopes to expand that presence to 100 locations across the city.
Last year, the Reefill team notes, U.S. bottled water sales topped $21 billion, bringing in more revenue than the soda industry.
There aren’t all that many public water fountains — at least, those that dispense water that you’d actually want to drink.
Reefill seeks to solve this problem by providing the public with a convenient water solution without waste and for a low cost.
Once users have arrived at the nearest fountain, they can activate the station using Bluetooth via the app, and fill up their bottles.
The app also keeps tabs on how many bottles Reefill user have saved from the landfill, as well as how much money members are saving by opting out of buying bottled water.
“Reefill’s pilot program has been a huge success and we have gotten great feedback from our users who let us know that they are eager to see a citywide network,” said Reefill Co-founder and CEO Jason Pessel.

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