Drinking Water Along The US-Mexico Border Threatened By Global Warming

Drinking Water Along The US-Mexico Border Threatened By Global Warming.
Some of the most marginalized communities in the United States are found along the U.S.-Mexico border.
Some people living along the that border already live without access to running water.
“People here, they know how to do it, so they do it by hand,” said Maria Covernali, a colonias resident living near El Paso, Texas.
A 2015 University of Texas Health Impact study reported high concentrations of arsenic and nitrates in the water supply of many colonias.
"The developers take advantage of the people," Corvenali said.
“After we start living on the land, we start to see the problems that we face.” A lot of the people living in colonias haul their water in tanks or buy bottled water.
That is where Patrick Marquez lives with his family.
Marquez said his well runs dry for a couple weeks every year while the farmers are pumping water out of the aquifer.
According to a 2009 Housing Assistance Council Community report, the Marquez and Covernali families are just some of the 1.5 million people living along the border who depend on vulnerable water supplies.

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