Drought conditions create difficulties for N.D. farmers, ranchers

Drought conditions create difficulties for N.D. farmers, ranchers.
BISMARCK, N.D. – It’s no secret it’s been abnormally warm, dry and windy the past week in North Dakota.
This wheat field is in the early three-to-five leaf growth stage.
If the crop doesn’t get moisture soon, Bahm says yields will be reduced.
"You’re going to lose a lot of bushels," said Bahm.
Market traders are also noticing how dry farm fields have become in North Dakota.
"The market is always going to trade what is the current news, and right now the fact that there is more dry conditions in North Dakota than there was a week ago, certainly that has their attention," said Neil Fisher with North Dakota Wheat Commission.
Long range forecasts aren’t calling for significant rain for the next two weeks but that’s not dampening Bahm’s spirits.
"I’m trying to be optimistic," said Bahm.
Bahm recently turned his cows out and he says those pastures will also need rain soon to keep his herd fed this summer.

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