Drought conditions improve again across NH

Drought conditions improve again across NH.
Continued rainfall and snowmelt over the last few weeks have improved New Hampshire’s months-long drought issue.
In the latest report Thursday morning, most of the southern half of the state is no longer in a severe drought.
The state was gripped in an extreme drought – which is more serious than a severe drought — from the end of 2016 through the beginning of 2017.
Now, the severe drought area is restricted to most of Sullivan County.
Most of the rest of the southern half of the state, from the Massachusetts border through the Lakes Region, is in a moderate drought.
Areas in the White Mountains, extreme southwestern New Hampshire and the southeastern edge of the state are just considered abnormally dry.
In the North Country and a tiny patch along the Vermont border in Cheshire Country, there is no drought at all.
In the map above, dark orange areas indicate severe drought conditions, light orange areas indicate moderate drought conditions and yellow-shaded areas show where conditions are considered abnormally dry.

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