Drought conditions this summer lead to longer growing season for Sheldons

Drought conditions this summer lead to longer growing season for Sheldons.
WASHBURN, N.D. – Farming activity on the Sheldon farm slowed down for a couple weeks due to maturity issues delaying their pinto beans this summer.
Historically, Joe Sheldon would have started pinto bean harvest around the latter days of August, but uneven maturity postponed it until the end of the first week of September.
“The drought this summer has really done some interesting things as far as delaying maturity in some crops,” said Joe.
“A lot of the low areas are green, but the hilltops are ready.
“Right now we’re sitting okay,” he said.
“With the corn, I don’t know if it’s going to need a lot more rain,” he continued.
We’re going to need the entire month of September for the corn to reach maturity.” Even with the drought conditions this summer, Joe believes the corn crop in the area is going to turn out fairly decent.
“You’ll have some fields that are going to struggle, but I think you’re also going to have some fields that will surprise you in yield,” he explained.
“I’m trying to make sure that’s ready to go when corn harvest starts, which will probably be toward later October and into November this year.” With all the factors, this year is making for a longer growing season, so for now, it’s just time for Joe to be patient and wait things out.

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