Drought, Conflict Displace 800,000 in Somalia: IOM

Drought, Conflict Displace 800,000 in Somalia: IOM.
They do not have the basic services in these camps.” A side effect of this displacement is people living in squalid conditions and being forced to drink unclean water.
“The acute water shortages have meant that people are drinking higher-risk water, taking water which they know to be contaminated but they drink it anyway,” Waite said.
Climatologists report that the “Gu” rainy season, which lasts from April to June, was well below average this year.
Waite said about 6.7 million people in Somalia are either in a situation of food crisis or on the edge of crisis.
In a May interview with VOA, Somalia’s finance minister, Abdirahman Duale Beyle, said the droughts are frustratingly cyclical in Somalia, and it’s time for a change.
“Other countries, they have addressed the issues of water management, of human and livestock management, resettlements, settlements of people and building schools and infrastructures for them.
We have to change that kind of attitude,” Beyle said.
“It doesn’t rain one year, and people are dying so close to each other.
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