Drought continues to impact N.D. farmers and ranchers

Drought continues to impact N.D. farmers and ranchers.
Even with the possibility of precipitation Monday night, those in the agriculture industry say the damage may already be done to the 2017 crop.
"There’s not much nutrition left in that, and they’re not going to like it.
"You need to have precip in the spring.
Without adequate grass, cow herds will struggle.
"They won’t stay in the shape they should be.
Probably won’t breed as good, won’t milk as good, you know calves will probably be light in the fall," said Kvamme.
"Plant some sedan sorghum, some sorghum out here, some millets.
Something to get some grass get some feed for this winter," said Goehring.
But Goehring says crops may not be released until Aug. 1.

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