Drought could affect pheasant season in North Dakota

Drought could affect pheasant season in North Dakota.
BISAMRCK, N.D. – Without much rain, pheasant nesting habitat could be in danger, which means populations could take a hit.
With peak hatching season just about a week away, mother pheasants could really use some rain.
The pop of a shotgun is a sound pheasant hunters love to hear.
"Families are brought back together that maybe have spread throughout the United States or elsewhere in North Dakota.
But with rain refusing to fall on pheasant habitats in the state… "We’re in for trouble," said Howard.
Howard says the biggest hit to his business would come in ammunition.
With fewer birds, hunters would need fewer cartridges to shoot them.
Williams says it’s unclear if the pheasant population has dropped yet, but these next few weeks are critical.
"Getting a chick raised to adult stage sometimes can be challenging enough, if you throw dry conditions on top of that, generally you’re going to be reducing the amount of cover and habitat out there that protects those birds," said Williams.

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