Drought could cause landslides, experts warn as cliffs on verge of collapse

Drought could cause landslides, experts warn as cliffs on verge of collapse.
The threat to the nation’s cliff tops also extends to large parts of the east coast in Yorkshire and East Anglia.
"Movement on the coastline in this area is not unusual but the amount that fell on Tuesday evening is significant in its size – 20m long.
and tonnes of debris," she said.
It comes as the UK experienced the driest winter for 20 years and there are fears the UK could be in for a summer drought as the wettest inhabited place in England, Seathwaite, Cumbria, remains “bone dry”.
Experts have told the Telegraph that more slips could happen across the UK.
"After periods of really dry weather you get cracks forming in the cliffs and then if heavy rain comes it suddenly increases the weight at the top and you get landslides.
In 2015 a large section of the East Yorkshire coastline began collapsing after a large crack appeared in the cliffs at Mappleton beach East Riding Council has issued a warning for people using the beaches to be aware that coastal erosion can happen at any time.
"Whilst extended periods of dry or wet weather may contribute to incidents, the main driver for coastal erosion in the East Riding is wave action which is further exacerbated by storm conditions. "
In 2012 a tourist was crushed by a rock fall at Burton Bradstock, near West Bay, in Dorset, close to where the hit TV series Broadchurch is filmed.

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