Drought drives Kenyan pastoralists into Uganda

Drought drives Kenyan pastoralists into Uganda.
Tens of thousands of pastoralists fled from Turkana in Kenya to Uganda last week to escape the drought.
It is the latest blow for the parched region for which politicians once made rash promises of rapid modernization.
As many as 10,000 Kenyan pastoralists have crossed the border from Turkana in Kenya to Uganda in search of pasture and water for their cattle.
Hunger and no rain The end of March was supposed to bring rains to Turkana, transforming barren plains into pasture.
"The image of Kenya as a middle income country doesn’t do justice to the reality on the ground," Werner Schultink, country head for the UN children’s agency UNICEF, told AFP.
"Those changes don’t happen in five years, but in 20, at least."
Oil and water That didn’t stop the promises.
In 2013, Kenya and the UN cultural body UNESCO announced the discovery of large reserves of groundwater beneath Turkana that promised irrigation and enough water for all.
Three million people are in need of emergency humanitarian assistance, and, while the response has been more effective than the last time, in 2011, still more needs to be done, aid workers say.

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