Drought-hit Cape Town imposes new water restrictions

As for residents, they may not use more than 87 litres per person per day in total, which is not even enough for a 10-minute shower.
She has put a 40-litre bucket of water in the hotel’s hall for people to get an idea of what the amount represents.
These exemptions don’t apply if you run a carwash, like Cliff Bauermeister.
But the drought is not a problem for him because he uses waterless products in his Perfect Car carwash.
Day Zero The countdown has begun to what people in Cape Town are calling "Day Zero" when the city’s six major reservoirs are expected to run dry.
But the problem is more in water production than water use.
Because of the unprecedented three-year drought, dam levels have dropped to 32 percent.
Day Zero will arrive if they drop below 14 percent.
"We are building two desalinisation plants and each one will bring on about seven million litres per day but people will now have to get used to the fact that water will never be in abundance again and we must save it at all time," Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille warns.
Besides, not every Cape Town resident is cooperating.

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