Drought in Massachusetts has ended

Drought in Massachusetts has ended.
Alan Dunham, a meteorologist in the Taunton office of the National Weather Service, said the chances are promising for more rain as May continues, and longer-term forecasts suggest that rainfall levels will remain around normal through July.
get ready for the spring and summer.” Vandana Rao, acting state director of water policy, encouraged residents to continue to conserve water.
“We just want to be more cautious and careful, especially because we had such a significant drought this time around,” Rao said.
Though the state has lifted the drought advisory, which had covered all but the westernmost part of the state and called for increased government monitoring, dozens of communities still have water use restrictions in place.
“Many people are more sensitive now to the needs of some plants, and we have clients that specifically ask for more drought tolerant gardens,” said O’Brien, who added that concern about watering appeared higher in communities that instituted restrictions.
He’s seen interest in new designs increase with the rainfall.
Farmers said they are optimistic that this season will be better than last year.
Not only did the region avoid the damaging cold snap that damaged the fruit tree crop early in 2016, but the season has begun with much wetter soil At Indian Head Farm in Berlin, Tim Wheeler had decided by mid-May last year that the dry weather would cost him his corn crop.
This year, he’s optimistic about his water supply.

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