Drought plan approved in Tuscaloosa

Drought plan approved in Tuscaloosa.
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Water providers in Alabama were required by the state to create drought plans.
Tuscaloosa receives its water from Lake Tuscaloosa.
Stage 1, in the drought plan, is reached when water dips 11 feet below pool.
Residents would be asked to voluntarily conserve water.
But the city’s watershed manager said it’s unlikely a drought will impact city water supply.
"It would be three to four times worse than anything we’ve seen as far as a drought would be.
In my opinion, the whole state would be under a state of emergency before we reach stage one," said Josh Yates, Watershed Manager for the City of Tuscaloosa.
The city said it’s very likely the drought plan will be used for other water issues.
If a pump fails, or a major line breaks, some stages could be implemented in certain areas of the city.

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