Drought restrictions unchanged despite rainfall

View Larger After 18 inches of rain since March 1, restrictions on water use remain unchanged for Hall County and metro Atlanta.
Lake Lanier’s level this week reached more than 1,064 feet above sea level, within 7 feet of full — a good level for 2017, but a record low for the past five years.
“Releases from Lake Lanier will continue to be just for water-quality and water-supply requirements at this time,” Hunter said in an announcement.
Weinstein said current conditions mean the metro Atlanta area is likely to see new restrictions this summer.
“The vines are healthy and happy and growing like crazy” after the rains of the past month, said Jeff Butter, assistant vineyard manager at Cavender Creek Vineyards.
If it stopped raining in the next couple of weeks and didn’t rain until harvest, we would probably be OK.” Vineyard operators say 2016 was one of their best years ever because of its hot, dry summer.
Even normal amounts of rain in August or early September, when the grapes are close to harvesting, can dilute the all-important sugar in the berries that makes good wine.
“Just like anything else, you put water in something and it waters it down,” Parker said.
“Last year was an awesome year.
I think it started out a little rainy in the spring last year too, but it dried up and it was really, really good for the grapes last year,” Parker said.

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