Drought’s over, rules aren’t: How local water providers are responding

Drought’s over, rules aren’t: How local water providers are responding.
So tossing out twice-a-week watering means also getting rid of the 48-hour rule, which isn’t an option.
Cal Water City customers aren’t alone.
San Joaquin County Pockets of Stockton served by the county are still stuck at two days as well, though Public Works Deputy Director Jim Stone said that may change in a couple of months.
Lawns seem to be doing well on two days a week, Stone said last week.
He added that the county will likely be “judicious with our enforcement in the meantime.” The county may propose allowing watering three days a week and making that the permanent rule moving forward.
Lodi also made minor changes just last week, allowing restaurants to resume serving water without asking first, and hotels to go back to automatically washing the linen every day.
Tracy This city is one of the few in the region that no longer has any watering-day restriction.
During the drought, officials cut watering from four days a week to three days.
No watering-day restrictions are in place, though customers are encouraged to conserve.

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