Drought status washed away

Drought status washed away.
It may seem a bit anti-climatic after a very rainy week but the northwest section of Monroe County is officially out of any drought category, according to the latest U.S. Drought Monitor report issued on Thursday.
The center of the county saw its drought status improve to the least serious category, “abnormally dry,” while only the very southeastern tip of the county was considered in “moderate” drought.
Thursday’s report included rainfall through Tuesday, April 25, however, it did not include rain from Thursday morning, April 27.
Much of the area started falling into drought categories one year ago after a dry early spring with much of East Tennessee reaching the worst category, “exceptional drought” by summer and fall.
The dry weather help lead to a disastrous fall fire season and made it tough on hay and other crops.
East Tennessee is normally a very wet region with vegetation dependent upon a lot of water.
It does not take a long period of dry days to get back into drought status, but for now, the year-long battle to get out of drought status might be a cause for celebration.
Farmers might now actually be hoping for a few dry days to work in their fields.

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