E. coli found in water at Wisconsin school

LANNON, Wis. (WILX) – Students and staff at a Wisconsin elementary school are using bottled water after E. coli was found in their water source.
Portable hand washing stations are now part of the day for more than 300 students at Lannon Elementary.
"We had a water sample taken in September just per routine protocol by the state and we had a positive sample for E. coli and coliform," Principal Brian Balfany said.
Balfany had to move fast, immediately covering the water fountains, bringing in bottled water and taking the extra step of not even using the water for hand washing.
"It’s really been minimal impact.
Our kids are resilient and they’re very hydrated now and they’re very aware of washing their hands because of a new focus on it," said Balfany.
A large water tank is even filled every few weeks at Sussex Hamilton High School used by the custodian here for cleaning.
The Optimist Club and local grocers are donating some bottled water in the meantime, and parents are glad none of the kids have gotten sick.
"You know, they really don’t talk about it unless I ask them so they’re fine.
You know they’re used to grabbing bottled water.

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