East Walker, majority of Jefferson County declared drought-free

Daily Mountain Eagle East Walker and almost all of Jefferson County now appear to be drought-free, while the moderate drought in north Tuscaloosa County has improved to an abnormally dry area.
West of that area, Walker County is abnormally dry, the lowest level of drought, except for a small area in the southwest corner along the border that is in moderate drought.
That area along the border hasn’t changed since last week, when it was part of a larger moderate drought area mostly in southeast Fayette County and northern Tuscaloosa County.
That moderate drought area has disappeared in Tuscaloosa County, leaving an abnormally dry area over the northern area of that county which has also shrunk.
Moderate drought conditions in the northwest and southeast corners of the state were erased this week, leaving abnormal dry conditions instead.
This week, 88 percent of Alabama was listed as being drought-free, up from 78 percent the week before.
Only 7,128 people in the state were in drought conditions this week, down from 107,000 the week before.
“This helped further ease the drought conditions that have plagued the area during the past several months, with most stream flows in the area currently near or above normal for the time of year.” For the calendar year up through May 31, the agency noted rainfall totals were above averages at locations across the state, including 3.69 inches above the 23.97-inch average for the period through May 31.
Values above 500 indicate a severe fire danger.” Central Alabama is expected to have scattered showers and thunderstorms the next few days, with normal or higher precipitation levels expected for June.
Drought conditions are expected to continue improving in the state through August, according to the NWS.

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