Eat This Water Bottle, Quench Your Thirst

Eat This Water Bottle, Quench Your Thirst.
Pop this edible water balloon into your mouth and swallow the whole thing — no plastic, no waste.
Something’s gotta give.
Upstart renewal packaging manufacturer Skipping Rocks Labs believes it has the answer: Biodegradable “bottles” you can eat.
As the ice melts, the membrane stays intact, creating a gelatinous, contained ball of water.
While the Ooho is edible, it’s not necessary to eat it.
The algae membrane decomposes in four to six weeks.
The best news for eco- and thrift-conscious consumers is that Ooho claims to be cheaper than a plastic bottle.
At this point, Ooho uses five times less CO2 and nine times less energy to produce than PET.

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