Editorial: Ensure safe drinking water

More than 250,000 people in our area get their water from the Cape Fear River.
At least that’s we thought.
Our utilities have no way of removing the compound — known as GenX — so it is in the water that about 250,000 area people drink.
GenX is coming from Chemours Co., a manufacturing plant near Fayetteville and adjacent to the Cape Fear.
It’s 50 miles upriver from where CFPUA draws most of its raw water.
The compound it replaced, C8, was very harmful — so much that DuPont stopped using it and settled a $670.7 million class-action lawsuit.
GenX has a similar makeup as C8, and Chemours, a DuPont spin-off, has informed the EPA of harmful effects on lab animals.
Is GenX-laced water safe?
We do know the EPA said it cannot get in the water.
Tom Tillis and Richard Burr, Gov.

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