Ending water blues in Makululu

Like other families in Makululu and other unplanned settlements in Kabwe, Ms Kunda’s family can only access water from water kiosks, communal taps and shallow wells.
She is, however, happy that Habitat for Humanity Zambia under its Maanzi programme is drilling and installing boreholes in Makululu.
The organisation has installed two boreholes in Kabwe’s biggest unplanned township at a total cost of K44, 000, and one of the boreholes is near Ms Kunda’s yard.
Gwen Chipulu, another community member is happy that a borehole has been installed near her house because she will no longer have to walk a long distance to buy the commodity.
The Maanzi programme aims at improving access to water and good sanitation to promote public health and the well-being of people in needy communities.
Government is working with cooperating partners to increase access to clean, and safe water.
Mr Kabwe said the move by Habitat for Humanity Zambia to provide water to residents of Makululu township is commendable.
The organisation’s national director Kanyata Mukelabai said the people of Makululu have the right to decent accommodation and safe drinking water.
“The area has few water collection points, so residents have to walk several metres to draw water,” Mr Mukelabai said.
The deputy Mayor noted that in the Seventh National Development Plan, Government has prioritised the provision of clean and safe water and good sanitation.

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