Essentia Water Hits Primetime with First National Integrated Brand Campaign

Essentia Water Hits Primetime with First National Integrated Brand Campaign.
The campaign, with a concentrated focus in key markets including Los Angeles, New York City and Portland, is based on Essentia’s belief that better hydration helps people do all the things that make them extraordinary and “unlocks their full potential” whether they’re an athlete, a musician, a computer programmer or a student.
We’re a democratic brand and we are calling out to all people who aspire to be a better version of themselves to join the Essentia Nation,” said Karyn Abrahamson, VP of Marketing and Brand Innovation at Essentia Water.
“We are also evolving our marketing efforts from purely product-centric to becoming an aspirational lifestyle brand that we believe people will connect with both physically and emotionally.
A brand that understands and cares about what they care about—healthy living and being at the top of their game.” Bottled water is now the number one drink in the U.S. for the first time in history, outpacing soda sales.
According to Beverage Marketing Corp, consumption of bottled water reached 39.3 gallons per capita in 2016, while carbonated soft drinks slipped to 38.5 gallons.
The premium unflavored bottled water category, where Essentia lives, has grown especially rapidly: approximately 20 percent annually over the past three years.
This increase of consumers looking for healthier alternatives to sugary drinks has allowed bottled water to break through, but with that comes the need for differentiation.
“Broadening our visibility across the nation puts Essentia in the primetime spotlight to compete successfully within the premium bottled water category.” About Essentia Water LLC Headquartered in Bothell, Washington, Essentia Water LLC produces supercharged ionized alkaline water with a 9.5 pH or higher that’s better at rehydrating.1 Pioneered in 1998, years ahead of industry trends, Essentia continues to be the #1 alkaline water brand sold nationally and the #1 selling bottled water in natural grocery stores.
Essentia Water is the only water included in the Physician’s Desk Reference and has been clinically shown to be better at rehydrating than a leading bottled water brand.1 It’s available nationwide in approximately 50,000 retail locations and Amazon.

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