Fargo area lawn services hurting from drought conditions

Fargo area lawn services hurting from drought conditions.
FARGO—During its driest season since 2006, North Dakota lawn services are experiencing hardships.
Johnson’s Lawn Service is used to working with the changing seasons, but this year has been a challenge.
"It’s affecting my job hugely.
I’m probably down 30 percent over last year," says John Vigen of Johnson’s Lawn Service.
"We need moisture.
"So, we all need to pray for some rain around here — farmers, everybody.
It’s not just the front lawns that need extra care this season, there are some veggies in your garden that could also use the water.
"You know, half an inch here and there would be great," said Tanya Reinke of the Hildebrandt Farmers Market in West Fargo.
If you want to take care of the brown patches on your lawn Johnson’s Lawn Service says to water about an inch a week and to mow 3 inches high, or about the length of your middle finger.

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