Farmers preparing for the worst as West Texas drought continues

While there is a chance for rain in our future, experts with the Texas Tech School of Agriculture say we need a couple of substantial showers to get us out of this drought and into a good growing season.
In 2011, Lubbock broke the record for worst drought since 1917 with around five inches of rain for the whole year.
"Some producers are still waiting to see if there is enough rain to see if it is worth it to get a crop going, so we are at a critical junction right now."
This drought will not only affect agriculture producers, but local businesses as well.
If you’re in a demographic where most of the economy is cotton farming and agriculture you better be concerned," Cruse said.
With no rain, the Texas Agriculture group loses and so will Lubbock.
"Those outlying towns are impacted pretty heavily, but that impacts people inside of Lubbock as well," Hudson said.
"We don’t think about it, but if you’re running a car dealership or you’re a sales person at Dillard’s, so many people are impacted by agriculture that as their income slows in flow it really makes a difference."
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