Farmers stay optimistic during stable drought conditions

Farmers stay optimistic during stable drought conditions.
Drought conditions are slowly improving in the Central and Northeast part of the state with all the moisture they’ve been seeing, but is it enough and fast enough for farmers to help their livestock and crops this year?
Farm Service Agency Potter County Executive Director Kay Schmidt hasn’t heard of any farmers in her area doing a complete herd liquidation because of the drought.
"There’s gonna be less and less acres of that as it is.
People are going into a corn and bean rotation, but we are a spring wheat county and it is frustrating for them to not see that first crop," explains Schmidt.
Davis is hoping July will have above normal precipitation so crops can have a chance this year as well as pastures.
One day of rain won’t cut it, but some downpour lasting a few days might be the magic touch.
The Farm Service Agency is working with Farmers across the area to make sure they’re able to keep as much land and livestock as possible.
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