Fears Cornwall is on course for drought after dry winter fails to top up reservoirs

Comments (2) There are fears Cornwall could be on course for drought following one of the driest winters on record and with reservoir levels lower than the last year one was declared.
According to figures published by South West Water, the two of the three reservoirs for Cornwall, Colliford and Roadford, are down to 84% and 75% full respectively.
Stithians is fairing better at 95% full, but overall the five main reservoirs for the Westcountry are at around 85% capacity while the same week last year was at 96% capacity.
South West Water said levels were not unusual for the time of year and the company was "well placed" to cope with lower rainfall and higher demand expected in the summer.
However, the Met Office has this week revealed that it was the third driest winter on record and long range forecasts say the mild, dry weather is set to continue.
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A 30-day forecast by the Met Office suggests that there will be mainly dry settled conditions with some warm temperatures developing this month.
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She said: "Current reservoir levels are not unusual for the time of year but reflect the dry weather we have experienced over the last six months.

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