Few things are more valuable than time

Few things are more valuable than time.
Without a home water tap, Manjula had no choice but to carry a 20-30 pound water container back-and-forth each day to a community water tank about a kilometer from her home.
Water.org discovered that something keeping moms like Manjula from providing safe water for their families was a lack of access to the financing needed to construct a water tap.
This insight led us to create WaterCredit, enabling the world’s poor with access to small, affordable loans.
It’s smart, simple and sustainable.
More importantly, it helps the people we serve solve their immediate need, and continues to enrich their lives long after the original loan has been repaid.
For Manjula, the loan allowed her to build a home water tap.
Now the time she used to spend collecting water each day can be spent with her two boys.
And with more time and energy to invest in caring for the ‘kakada’ flowers she sells, Manjula can earn 2,000 Rupees a month – enough to repay her loan.
Give to Water.org and help turn hours of labor into a labor of love.

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