Five days without water in one area of Boskruin

BOSKRUIN – Residents say they are frustrated after going five days without any water.

-originally posted on July 12, 2016


Boskruin residents suffer five days without water. [Joburg Water mum] ??? Certain Boskruin residents’ taps run dry.

Four complexes in Thrush Avenue, Boskruin have been without water for five days and a resident is at her wits’ end.

Tanya Kriel said that since the water was switched off in their area five days ago they have had no water. “We have been using pool water and resorting to buying drinking water. The shops nearby have run out of bottled water and we now have to drive out of the neighborhood just to buy water,” Kriel said.

She pointed out that it was frustrating as Joburg Water (JW) made no attempt to communicate with the residents as to what the problem was. “I sent JW a Tweet and they did not respond. I have received three reference numbers, but no water,” she explained.

Adding to the residents’ water woes was that JW was slow to refill the Jojo water tanker in their area. Kriel added that even Ward Councillor, Ralf Bittkau, was unable to help as he too had tried contacting JW without success.

She further explained that the water returned on Friday night just to be switched off on Saturday. “Even after this debacle we will be getting billed for water but yet we don’t get any communication when the water is switched off. It’s very frustrating,” she said.

Questions were sent to JW and comment is awaited.

Details: Joburg Water, 011 029 4610

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