Flashback to May 2008

Flashback to May 2008.
What is Aguanomics?
Related: Special Interests and Lifeguards and Risk Desalination as an Investment puts another bad idea (Desalination — OUCH!)
in context Economics v ecology: Was Julian Simon Right about the Wrong Thing?
Related: Malthus and Carbon Trading, (stupid) Footprints and People versus Tigers (or Loggers) Scarcity and conservation: RAISE THE PRICE!, Elasticity of Demand, Feeling a Need explains why conservation isn’t always useful, Rationing in NorCal, Price and Efficiency, Water is Valuable!, Central Planning for Lawns, Paternalistic Water Management, You WILL Do This, Soviet LA, Wastewater, Golf in the Desert and God’s Water (what do believers say?)
Farmers: Rice, Water, Luck, Wisdom — farmers want profits, via water or rice.
Related: Photogenic Losers and Fat Cats (farmers), Fat Cats or Skinny Cats?
Related: Die!
Maybe tell Trump?
(funny) On these posts, I’ve changed my mind I had no idea Trump would come along and make Bush 2’s EPA appointments look so good

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