Flint families: Distribution of bottled water still needed

Just weeks ago water tests showed some Flint schools still have elevated levels of lead.
Mayor Karen Weaver said the city still needs the bottled water until all of the lead-tainted pipes in the city have been taken out.
Flint residents have been dealing with the water crisis for nearly four years.
“Not until it’s completely took care of.
As a new father, Mendez said he isn’t taking any chances with Flint water until he’s sure it’s clean.
“I have a newborn and I’m scared to bathe her in the water.
So, I have to use this water to make her bottles and stuff with it,” Mendez said.
Many residents said they support the mayor’s decision.
You don’t want a bunch of people who are going to be sick over lead,” said Felicia Jaynes, Flint resident.
Meanwhile, Mendez said he just wants the crisis to be over and he is tired of having to drive to the distribution center each week just to get a drink of clean water.

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