Florida Drought Coverage Drops Nearly 60 Percent in Two Weeks

Florida Drought Coverage Drops Nearly 60 Percent in Two Weeks.
Florida’s drought coverage decreased by nearly 60 percent following heavy rains across the Sunshine State during June’s first full week.
How did the majority of Florida’s drought get wiped out in just two weeks’ time?
It’s simple – portions of South Florida have averaged an inch or more of rain per day over the past two weeks, and other parts of the state have not been far behind.
Another 4.57 inches fell June 7, followed by 3.12 inches on June 8, yielding a three-day total of 17.37 inches from June 6 through June 8.
An average June would feature 4.40 inches of rain on Marco Island, and it picked up more than four times that amount with half the month remaining.
latest three-month precipitation outlook for July through September from NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center shows equal chances of above- and below-average precipitation for the entire state of Florida.
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