‘FOLLOW THE WATER’ Soccer Project Underway in Unification Town

‘FOLLOW THE WATER’ Soccer Project Underway in Unification Town.
FOLLOW THE WATER brings The Last Well and DonamiSport together to begin a pilot project to reach every child and family in Unification Town/Smell No Taste in Margibi County with clean water and soccer, Doc Lawson, chief executive officer of Donami Sports told YMCA Executive Director E. Timotheus Kamaboakai yesterday.
FOLLOW THE WATER is a new initiative from The Last Well, under the suggestion of Doc Lawson, to team up with the Young Men’s Christian Association of Liberia (YMCA) to ensure kids that are involved in DonamiSports-YMCA soccer programs to have access to safe drinking water.
Mr. Lawson told YMCA General Secretary Kamaboakai at the YMCA headquarters on Crown Hill, Monrovia, after demonstrating how to purify water using two buckets especially designed for it, adding that residents of Unification Town will be the first beneficiaries of the project.
“This filtration will ensure that each family has safe drinking water in Unification Town.” He said the project will take about one month, and presently assessment teams are in Unification Town working with families to benefit from the project.
Lawson said the FOLLOW THE WATER project uses soccer to get kids active, provide them with safe drinking water and ensure that no child dies from waterborne diseases.
After the project in Unification Town, Lawson said representatives from the YMCA already in the city will ensure that families are making good use of the system.
After the system is turned over to families, there will be two six-month assessment visits to ensure that they are using the buckets as expected.
“The buckets for the purification are free to each family,” Lawson said, “and we have 60,000 buckets to get everyone on our project ready for safe drinking water.” After Unification Town, he said the project will go to communities such as New Kru Town, West Point, Clara Town, and others.
The purifying buckets are programmed to last for 15 years, he said.

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