Fryeburg Water District Trustees: Water district existence vital to well-being of community

To the editor: The Fryeburg Water District was established by a special act of the Maine Legislature in 2006.
The enabling legislation (L.D.
The mission statement of the Fryeburg Water District declares: “The trustees of the Fryeburg Water District promote stewardship of all relevant natural resources to ensure safety and access to water sources for the purpose of extending quality and quantity to future generations.” It further recognizes that “preservation and conservation with oversight and management by local communities and citizens is vital for our independence and security.” We, the trustees of the Fryeburg Water District, take our responsibilities under the law and our mission statement seriously.
We are charged with ensuring that the residents and businesses within the district enjoy continued access to an adequate supply of clean and safe drinking water.
To this end, we are given certain powers under Title 35-A, Chapter 64 of the Maine Revised Statutes, which allow the trustees to carry out duties pursuant to the authority granted by the state.
We were surprised to learn recently that one of Fryeburg’s selectmen proposed to abolish the District at the Fryeburg Board of Selectmen meeting held on March 16.
As recently as 2013, the voters of Fryeburg rejected a measure to place the trustees into “inactive status” by an almost 2-1 margin.
We were further perplexed because the selectman in question had attended our regular meeting two days prior to making his proposal and had failed to raise any concerns about any aspect of the Fryeburg Water District’s activities whatsoever, whether on the part of any individual trustee or the board as a whole.
Our open public meetings are intended to give an opportunity for all of Fryeburg’s citizens to share their opinions and concerns with board members, and we invite all who are concerned with the continued viability of our water resources to come forward and make their views known.
The trustees of the Fryeburg Water District are convinced that the continued existence of the district is vital for the well-being of all of Fryeburg’s citizens and businesses.

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