Funding Awarded To Replace Lead Water Lines in Binghamton Homes

Binghamton residents who live in a home with lead water pipes will have them replaced by New York state.
The City of Binghamton was awarded $663,000 in state Clean Water Infrastructure money to replace residential lead service lines used for drinking water.
“With this funding, the City will take another step to ensure residents have access to clean and safe drinking water for decades to come,” said Mayor David.
“Replacing the antiquated water lines that were built with many of Binghamton’s older homes will help lower residents’ risk of lead exposure and protect the public health of our City.” The City of Binghamton Water Department will target the properties with older service lines containing lead.
Homeowners normally would have to pay to replace the lines that run to the water meter but Binghamton is one of 26 cities that qualifies for residential funding.
High levels of lead in drinking water can be especially harmful to young children

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