FWC: Drought killing thousands of fish

FWC: Drought killing thousands of fish.
The severe drought could mean more fish floating belly up in a neighborhood near you.
Everywhere you look there are fish floating or rotting on the shore of a large pond on the apartment property.
“It’s so sad,” Mary Myers uttered while walking her grandson on the sidewalk along the pond.
Melissa Otero looked out from her apartment balcony at the fish massacre, “Bottoms up and they were dead.
It was terrible.” Several neighbors reported the dead fish to FWC’s Fish Kill hotline.
As the water level drops, so does the amount of oxygen in the pond, which suffocates the fish.
“It’s a little scary because you don’t know what this drought will become.
There’s one pond here, another across the street.
Please!” FWC says they’ve already received 50 calls into their fish kill hotline.

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