Getting a job is like dating

Getting a job is like dating.
Your first job like your first date (or relationship) is unlikely to be your last.
Your value in your eyes is not the same as your value in the eyes of others (for better or for worse), so it takes times to find the right "match."
When it’s a seller’s market, then that girl may be competing with lots of other girls to get a guy’s attention or that firm may be competing with other firms to get employees.
Put in the time to show your value.
University graduates who refuse jobs that are "below them" lose out on experiences and opportunities.
Not all dates work out but some are fun and others are "learning experiences."
Make sure that each time you switch partners you do better for yourself When you’re older you will see younger people making lots of dating mistakes.
If you’re in the job market, you’re dating.
Make sure you get your money’s worth because many masters programs only see you as a revenue source.

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