Give bags, bottled water the boot

Here are two to start with.
Stop buying bottled water In most places in the U.S. there is no difference between bottled water and tap water.
Bottled water takes five to 11 times more water to produce than the bottle holds, a waste of fresh water.
That doesn’t take into account the water it takes to make the plastic bottle (twice as much as the bottle’s volume) and the fuel to make the plastic and ship the filled bottles.
After you drink your bottled water you then have an empty plastic bottle with an estimated lifespan of 500 years.
Use reusable bags When the clerk asks, "paper or plastic?"
the best answer is neither.
Plastic bags are made from petroleum products, mainly oil, and no one knows for sure how long it will take for them to break down into tiny pieces.
The plastic will still be there, you just won’t be able to see it.
The verdict is still out on whether a reusable cloth or sturdy recycled plastic bag would be better for the environment but either would be preferable to using a bag once and throwing it away.

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