Global Emergency Overview Weekly Picks, 29 August 2017

Global Emergency Overview Weekly Picks, 29 August 2017.
Myanmar The conflict in Rakhine state has escalated following a coordinated attack on police and military posts by the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army on 25 August.
Over 5,200 Rohingya have fled violence to Bangladesh but only the most vulnerable where allowed to cross the border while an unknown number have been turned away.
The government has evacuated 4,000 non-Muslim ethnic Rakhine villagers from the area due to insecurity.
Non-essential UN staff are also being evacuated.
Chad A cholera outbreak was declared on 15 August in three localities of the Koukou district in Sila region with a total of 116 cases, including 17 deaths (CFR: 14.7 %) as of 24 August.
Heavy rain is constraining road access to the region and could also lead to the emergence of further waterborne diseases such as malaria.
In addition, poor access to safe drinking water coupled with insufficient food production in the affected area are increasing the vulnerability of both the local and displaced population.

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