Gujarat is battered by heat waves, floods, drought. How are its cities coping?

But now, rising climate variability is adding to the state’s environmental vulnerabilities.
Gujarat was the first state in India to set up a department for climate change.
Its cities are developing plans that seek to adapt or mitigate the worst fallout of climatic stress.
How far do the state’s efforts help Gujarat adapt to – and mitigate – the fallouts of a changing climate?
But now, he added, “They come down just half as much – to [between] 32 degrees Celsius and 34 degrees Celsius.” Shocks and stresses come with different challenges for a city.
If high temperatures are a problem, ensuring sufficient green cover is one way to cool the city down.
“When the municipal corporation expands its limits, it finds these strange places where buildings are standing – but there are no roads, water supply or sewage,” he said.
It is also a water-scarce city.
“Our total supply is 300 MLD [million litres a day],” said senior municipal corporation official.
Where will this water come from?

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