Hanoians face water pipeline break heartache

originally posted on July 22, 2016


People in some areas in Hanoi are facing serious water shortages again after a major pipeline that transports water from the Da River Plant broke for an eighteenth consecutive time on July 11.

More than 200 households living in Lane 93, Hoang Van Thai Street in Thanh Xuan District were left without water for the past 10 days.

“We have to buy water from a truck which runs by our area every day,” said a local man, Dinh Van Thanh. “Some families even save water from air-conditioners for use.”

Thanh said that they usually face water shortages every summer but it used to last just two or three days.

“This time water has been cut for ten days which is making our lives really miserable,” Thanh said.

Besides Thanh Xuan, it is reported that people living in other districts including Ha Dong, Hoang Mai and Bac Tu Liem have also been affected by the pipe break.

The family of Thanh Trung at Lane 2/46 Thang Long Avenue in Bac Tu Liem District has had to move to live with their parents in Ba Dinh District since the water run out.

Hundreds of households living in the Rice City apartment block in Hoang Mai District have also faced the same situation for the past 10 days. According to the block’s management board, they have bought water to fill in their storage basin but this didn’t prove sufficient for the residents.

Director of the Vietnam Clean Water Investment and Construction Corporation Nguyen Van Viet said that they’ve fixed the pipe but they need to reduce pump pressure so that it would not break again.

“The water shortage may still continue in some areas,” Viet explained. “In the meantime, we’ll transport free water to people’s homes.

The Song Da Water Pipeline Project conveys clean water from the Da River Water Plant in the northern province of Hoa Binh to Hanoi.

The first phase of the project is infamous for suffering from repeated pipeline breaks, causing clean water shortages for thousands of Hanoi residents.


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