Harris Co. tackling flooding and drought problems

Harris Co. tackling flooding and drought problems.
HARRIS COUNTY, Texas- With summer right around the corner, the risk of both flooding and drought are real concerns in the Houston area.
Now, Harris County Commissioners are studying an idea they hope could help them cut down on both problems.
Commissioners recently approved a $160,000 feasibility study to look into whether it’s possible locally to pump floodwater underground, store it, then pump it to the surface to use during dry years.
“It’s one of those things that is so-called ‘out-of-the-box thinking,’ but it’s being done other places.
Luke Metzger, Director of Environment Texas, says with more people moving to Houston and climate change, this idea could help the region.
“Taking floodwater is more of an innovative approach, but I think it’s one that’s worth considering,” said Metzger.
However, Metzger says there are a couple of potential concerns: debris and pollution entering the groundwater, as well as whether enough water is flowing into the Gulf of Mexico.
“Our bays and estuaries rely on waters that come in, in order to have that balance of salinity in order to encourage the growth of sea life,” said Metzger.
Officials with the Harris County Flood Control District tell KHOU the study will also look at other possible benefits, including the reduction of salt water intrusion and subsidence.

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