Hindon goes the Ganga way with ‘no development zone’ along its banks

Hindon goes the Ganga way with ‘no development zone’ along its banks.
There are a total of 68 drains that fall into these rivers.”Divisional commissioner Kumar said, “We need to develop a multi-pronged strategy to ensure the rejuvenation of Hindon in a time-bound manner.
Anyone who has suggestions for the cause can email at nirmalhindon@gmail.com, officials added.“We will not allow dearth of funds to affect this noble cause,” said Kumar.
Disturbingly, the total sewage generated in the cities is 1,215 million litres per day.
Meerut: An order somewhat similar to what the National Green Tribunal (NGT) gave for the Ganga a few days ago was enforced for Hindon river also on Saturday, with no development zones along both of its banks.Meerut divisional commissioner Prabhat Kumar on Saturday issued directions to the administrations of all seven districts of western UP through which the river passes, to invoke section 133 of CrPC (conditional order for removal of nuisance) in case anyone initiates any development within 500 metres of the river.Contaminated water flowing into the Hindon and its tributaries has, over a period of time, become a cause of major concern especially for hundreds of villages on the banks, where people are suffering from dreaded diseases like bone deformity, skin disease and cancer.The crisis has assumed gigantic proportions as the effluent flowing into these rivers has even contaminated groundwater which is consumed by the villagers.Besides announcing a slew of measures to rejuvenate the river, the commissioner inaugurated a seven-day Hindon Van Mahotsav that aims to plant five lakh saplings on the banks of the river.Additional divisional commissioner RN Dhama said, “There are 316 industrial units on the banks of the river and its tributaries comprising sugar mills, distilleries, pulp and paper industries, slaughterhouses, leather units, textiles, a thermal power plant and electroplating plants.
Disturbingly, the total sewage generated in the cities is 1,215 million litres per day.
There are 872 villages on the banks out of which 106 do not have access to safe drinking water.
We will work simultaneously on various fronts that include development of sewerage and solid waste management of the cities and villages, effective anti-encroachment drive, effective curb on industrial effluent being thrown into the river, to ensure villages become ODF by December end, establishment of organic farming to curb the use of pesticides, to ensure the flowing of additional amount of water from canals into the river to decrease its pollution level, and of course, to sensitize the biggest stakeholder in the project — the public.”To draw in public participation, the divisional office has elaborate plans to use social media to unite populations of these seven districts for the cause.While work is on to create social media platforms, a bank account has already been opened under the name of ‘Nirmal Hindon Kosh’ which is in the Allahabad Bank branch in Meerut Development Authority (MDA) premises.People who wish to contribute to the cause can donate in account no.
50399065176 with the IFSC code ALLA0212075.
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